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Divided is a game show in which three strangers must come to a consensus and agree on everything, including the correct answer to a question. The more the players debate, disagree or dig in their heels, the less prize money becomes available to them. In the end, the prize money is divided into three unequal amounts and they have to agree on who gets what share, but the longer they take, the less they make as the clock – and the money amounts - tick down. Less talk and more decision–making equals more cash, but expect psych–outs and ethical dilemmas within the show's unique framework.

Premiere Date: Jan/19/2017


Most Recent Episodes

Divided season 1 episode 35

Season 1, Episode 35: For the Glory

Four strangers including a fashion buyer and a tour guide debate....

Air Date: Apr 06, 2017

Divided season 1 episode 36

Season 1, Episode 36: You're My Queen

Four strangers including a delivery driver and a student debate....

Air Date: Apr 06, 2017


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